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In keeping with our community based mentality, Genuine Apparel has set out on a mission to open an All-Boys Charter High School called Genuine Academy. The school will be based in Atlanta, Georgia and cater specifically to under-served youth in at-risk communities. Using our customized curriculum and progressive teaching methods, we will reshape the way the education system is viewed. The curriculum will emphasis character development, financial literacy, cultural diversity, principals of communication, and entrepreneurship. The goal isn't to prepare students for post-secondary school, we also want them to leave the institution and be well equipped for life.

Genuine Academy will encompass a true family environment. Each student will view their peers as their brothers. Also, parents and family members will be encouraged to take part in educational activities to circumvent the system. There will be a strong emphasis on the importance of unity among faculty members, students and parent. Once a month a motivational speaker from different industries will come in and speak with the kids on the importance of education, leadership and accountability.

The Genuine Apparel imprint will be felt every Friday. That will be classified as school spirit day, on this day students, faculty and staff will wear motivational apparel provided by Genuine Apparel. The shirts will have motivational quotes such as “progress is a process”, “success takes sacrifice”, and “goals don’t work unless you do”. The apparel will be used as an incentive for students to perform well in the classroom and represent themselves as young men of high character.

With a steady decline of the nation’s education system our entire team has a growing frustration. We truly believe that this program will be ground breaking. The school’s reach will go well beyond the Atlanta area, the curriculum will be implemented in schools across the country in newly founded program called Learning for Leaders.

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