Group Mentor Program 

Using our customized curriculum and progressive teaching methods, we offer a series of small group sessions known as "Learning for Leaders". The sessions are structured to teach students the importance of character development, financial literacy, principals of communication, and entrepreneurship. Along with the in-school mentor program, we host students on STEAM based field trips, which gives them an in-person experience with their potential careers. 


Students are assessed at the beginning and conclusion of the program, to effectively determine our measurable impact. At the end of the session, each student will be given an award that signifies their successful completion of the program. Moving forward, the students will be known as “Approved Leaders” and the student that exudes outstanding attendance and participation will receive a free t-shirt from Genuine Apparel. Our goal is to enhance a child’s academic experience, promote extracurricular activities, and improve relationships with families. By tailoring the curriculum to fit the student’s specific needs, we’re providing a platform for them to explore their creativity and develop a sense of purpose.


Ages                                Students between the ages of 8-17 can participate. Groups will                                            consist of 8 students and 1 mentor

When                             Summer session -  6 weeks
                                        Fall Session – 16 weeks
                                        Winter Session – 16 weeks

                                        Spring Session – 1 week

Where                            Groups will meet in a designated area, on the school
                                        campus, for 60 to 90 minute sessions on a bi-weekly basis.

Mentor Info                 * 21+ years of age with a clean background
                                        * Available for 2 hours per week
                                        * Passionate about helping children 

Questions                     Founder Antonieus Davis at (770) 415-4454 or


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Hours of Operation
Monday- 8am-4pm

Tuesday- 8am-4pm

Wednesday- 8am-4pm

Thursday- 8am-4pm

Friday- 8am-4pm

Holiday hours may vary. 

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